Approximate analytic compacton solutions of the K(p, p) equation by reduced differential transform method

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Armutlu Vocational School, Yalova University, 77500 Yalova, Turkey.

2 Department of Mathematics, Central University of Haryana, 123029 Haryana, India.


In the present work, we focus on solutions of K(p, p) equation which are solitons with compact support called compactons. Such a study of compact solitary waves will help us understanding solitons at a deeper level. One of the interesting feature, they govern is quasi elastic collision and gaining the same coherent shape again after scattering. Numerical scheme used to study the compacton solutions of K(p, p) equation is based on reduced differential transform method. Both one dimensional differential transform method and two dimensional reduced differential transform method have been used. Test problems under consideration show the efficient working of the proposed scheme.