Numerical treatment for nonlinear steady flow of a third grade‎ fluid in a porous half space by neural networks optimized

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Shariati Ave., Babol, Iran, Post Code: 47148-71167

2 Deprtment of Mathematics, Buein Zahra Technical University, Buein Zahra, Qazvin, Iran


In this paper‎, ‎steady flow of a third-grade fluid in a porous half‎ space has been considered‎. ‎This problem is a nonlinear two-point‎ boundary value problem (BVP) on semi-infinite interval‎. ‎The‎ solution for this problem is given by a numerical method based on the feed-forward artificial‎ neural network model using radial basis activation functions trained with an interior point method‎. ‎Moreover, to confirm the performance of the proposed technique‎, ‎our results are compared with other available  ‎results‎. ‎Numerical results demonstrate the validity and‎ ‎applicability of the ‎technique.‎