Brenstien polynomials and its application to fractional differential equation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Malakand, KPK, Pakistan

2 Dean Faculty of Science, Departement of Mathematics, University of Malakand, KPK, Pakistan

3 Shanghai Key Lab of Vehicle Aerodynamics and Vehicle Thermal Management Systems, Tongji University. ENN-Tongji Clean Energy Institute of advanced studies, Shanghai, China


The paper is devoted to the study of Brenstien Polynomials and development of some new operational matrices of fractional order integrations and derivatives. The operational matrices are used to convert fractional order differential equations to systems of algebraic equations. A simple scheme yielding accurate approximate solutions of the couple systems for fractional differential equations is developed. The scheme is designed such a way that it can be easily simulated with any computational software. The efficiency of proposed method verified by some test problems.