New optical soliton solutions for the thin-film ferroelectric materials equation instead of the numerical solution

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Neighborhood of Akcaglan, Imarli Street, Number:28/4, 26030, Eskisehir, Turkey.

2 Departments of Mathematics, Zagazig University, Faculty of Science, Zagazig, Egypt.

3 Departments of Mathematical and Physical Engineering, Benha University, Faculty of Engineering, Shubra, Egypt.


In this article, we will implement the(G0/G)-expansion method which is used for the first time to obtain new optical soliton solutions of the thin-film ferroelectric materials equation (TFFME). Also, the numerical solutions of the suggested equation according to the variational iteration method (VIM) are demonstrated effectively. A comparison between the achieved exact and numerical solutions has been established successfully. 


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